Is a deposit required in order to reserve a vehicle?

Yes. A $1,000 reservation is required to reserve an INFINITI. This refundable reservation fee can be used towards a potential down payment on your new vehicle or applied when purchasing the vehicle outright. If your preference is to lease or finance, this reservation fee can be returned to you in full or in partial once your contract has been signed and you have taken delivery of the vehicle.

Can I reserve a vehicle online or over the phone?

Absolutely! Our team is standing by to help you complete your reservation over the phone or the internet. We do suggest stopping by in person (if possible) to view your exterior color of choice. This helps ensure that it lives up to your expectations prior to submitting your reservation.

Will I qualify for special offers, rebates, or incentives if I reserve my INFINITI?

At the time your reservation is initially placed, the price of your vehicle will be determined if available. Since incentives and rebate programs tend to vary by month, we can only provide you with an estimate of your potential monthly payment. However, once we know the exact date that your vehicle will be delivered – you can take advantage of the current incentives and programs offered at that time.


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